The Baarn Concept


Beautiful | Affordable | Adaptable | Rural-living | Naturally

BAARN kit houses provide beautiful open-plan living spaces to suit modern lifestyles.

BAARN prefab homes provide an affordable solution to building quality timber-frame houses.

BAARN houses are easily adaptable to changing lifestyles.

BAARN houses use simple, rural building forms that are suitable for any location.

BAARN houses use good quality, natural building materials.

Sustainable BAARN kit eco-house loft bedroom with painted softwood exposed structural frame

Sustainable construction and performance

BAARN promotes the use of renewable technologies and natural building materials wherever possible. The main shell of the BAARN kit house is constructed off-site to achieve a high-quality, sustainable building.

The pre-fabricated kit provides huge airtightness and thermal gains, reducing ongoing running costs for the life of the building.  

Why choose BAARN?

Baarn Advantages

What are the BAARN house types?

Baarn House types